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It may be hot out this week, but our days of shorts and flip flops are numbered. Here’s a little nod to the last days of summer. With Shawna Lee, Jordana Handler, Cydney, Jukka, Christian, and Natasha.


Another picture for summer, this one a preview of images I shot for Sessions magazine. Watch for the issue, coming soon. With dancer and fitness model Alayna.

Summer is fast approaching, and here come the summer editorials. First up, a sneak peek of Plaid Magazine’s spring/summer issue, coming out soon. Makeup and hair by Giancarlo Intini, styling by Nicola Smith (Push). Shot on location in the Dominican Republic.

I’ve had some work appear in the very cool IN Magazine this year, a very high-quality publication from Hong Kong that is beautifully produced. Here are a couple of sample pics, compliments of Sutherland model Jenn.

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