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I spent my first week of February in New York, shooting beauty for Elizabeth Arden. I’m not yet allowed to post images from the shoot (except for the product shot at the top that we did one morning), but here are some behind-the-scenes in the meantime. Third image: A view from the studio window of the snowstorm on the first day. It was sunny and beautiful by the end of the week.


While in Paris I shot with model Emily Van Raay (Women Agency, Storm, Anita Norris), who happily braved the cold. Some of my French friends think us Canadians are crazy.

Makeup and hair by Aida Carballo.

I occasionally get booked to shoot fashion imagery for clients that aren’t about fashion, like this recent ad for Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon, posters coming soon to your local SAQ and LCBO. Art Direction by The Community Agency, model George G from B&M.

Designer Thien Le is one of Canada’s brightest stars in the fashion world, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him many times. I first photographed his work for the Cashmere Pink Ribbon campaign back in 2008 – this beautiful dress is entirely made of tissue paper:

Here is some of our recent work together, for Winter 2011:

Not all fashion photography is exciting, arty editorial. Much of the work I do is very simple, clean and commercial, sometimes for new start-up clients. I find this kind of work very gratifying – it’s fun to be caught up in the excitement of a new business, and help a little with their marketing. Here’s a great example:

Visit their website here.

Hot off the press: Alberto Summer ad campaign, appearing in Glow, Chatelaine, LouLou and many other magazines.

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